A Family Culinary Adventure

Welcome to LyoFreeze, a heartwarming culinary journey crafted by Rafael, Mario, and Crystal. As your web advisor, I’m excited to share the story of this family-led venture with a touch of simplicity.

The collaboration between Rafael, Mario, and Crystal is simple and effective, reflecting the heart of LyoFreeze. Together, they’ve embraced technology, offering freeze-dried products that bring together culinary artistry and family values.

Our Team


Culinary Enthusiast and Family Chef

Meet Rafael, not just a chef but a family enthusiast with a passion for creating culinary delights. From chef specialties to pastries and baking, Rafael brings a down-to-earth approach to the heart of LyoFreeze.


Tech Guru with a Dash of Family Spirit

When Rafael shared his idea, Mario, our tech guy, joined in with family spirit. His knack for navigating technological frontiers adds a practical touch to our family-oriented approach.


Leading LyoFreeze with a Family-Focused Vision

Crystal, our leader, recognizes the impact of Rafael’s skills. Her down-to-earth leadership ensures LyoFreeze maintains a commitment to quality and sustainability while embracing a family-centric ethos.