Champinions – Criniere de lion / Mushrooms – Lion’s Mane


The “crinière de lion” mushroom, also known as “lion’s mane” in English, is a culinary gem that we have treated with dedication through lyophilization. This mushroom gets its name from its distinctive appearance resembling a lion’s mane and is widely appreciated for its subtle flavor and delicate texture. These mushrooms offer a unique culinary delight.The benefits of lion’s mane are notable. They are a source of proteins, fibers, and essential nutrients. Additionally, they are believed to have potential benefits for mental health, including cognitive enhancement and stress reduction. Their mild taste and pleasing texture make them ideal for various culinary preparations.Our commitment to preserving the quality and flavor of lion’s mane is reflected in our artisanal lyophilization method. We take pride in offering you these exceptional mushrooms, which embody our passion for nature and cuisine.